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Having a mother company like ‘Big apple rooofing’ is it any wonder that Australian roofing group is one of the best in the business? Just looking at the testimonials you can see that we are a company you trust.

Learning from the best, our company has a strong work ethic and is driven by customer satisfaction. We will always keep you informed and never offer you anything you don’t need. We believe that integrity, quality workmanship and competitive prices are the key to any business. But what else do you get with Australian roofing group? Peace of mind that the job has been done to the highest standard. We don’t just want Melbourne to have great roofs and gutters we want the whole of Australia to benefit from our experience.

Roof Restoration

Panicking about a costly roof restoration? Don’t. At Australian Roofing Group we will advise you on how best to restore your roof to its former glory. With our company you get the benefit of years of experience, giving you peace of mind.

Take the Sustainable Route and Restore Damaged Roofing

Restoring your old roof is far better than re-roofing as you are using the good material already there. In an older roof there will still be tiles and sheets that can be salvaged. At Australian Roofing group we consider the environmental impact of our work as well as the cost to your pocket, so we won’t unnecessarily replace your roof.

Roof Restoration: What’s included?

Every roof restoration project is unique. Some roofs will need tile replacement, high pressure cleaning and repainting. Whereas some roof jobs will only need one or two aspects of the restoration process. At Australian roofing group, we will only do what needs done to give you a solid roof structure. That way you’re guaranteed not to be paying for services that you don’t need. Our expert roofers can make any roof look like new using their skills and experience. When it comes to roof restoration, you need a company you can trust.

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Roof Restoration Cost

Because roofing and restoration is such a precise craft, every project is different. At Australian roofing group, we will come out and assess your project and give you the best quote with the best workmanship and materials. Just give us a call and we’ll get your project underway today.

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Q: How do I tell if my roof needs to be restored?

There are many tell tale signs to watch out for when it comes to having a roof that is functioning as it should be. Things such as cracks, holes, stains and peeling paint on the roof itself and leaks or stains on ceilings and walls inside the house, are an indication that your roof needs to be restored. Although some of these things may not seem like an issue, over time, the problem is only going to worsen so it is best to fix it before this happens.

Q: Why should I restore my roof - wouldn't it be better to replace the whole thing?

Not only will restoring your roof save you money, it is beneficial to the environment as you are not simply wasting perfectly good materials and purchasing new ones. Roof restoration is a great process as it allows the parts of your roof that are still in good condition, to be salvaged. We will only restore and repair what needs to be restored and repaired. Typically, at every job we do, there are only certain parts of the roof that are damaged.

Q: How long does a roof restoration take?

This is a hard one to answer, until we know exactly what the job involves. Of course, the smaller the job the less time it will take and the bigger the job the more time it will take. Typically, one job could take us anywhere between one to four days, give or take. In some instances we will only have to repair and restore one small section of a roof and in others we will have to repair and restore the entire roof. Give us a call and let us know what you need done on your roof and we will give you a rough estimate on how long that should take us.

Q: A roof restoration add value to my home?

Of course it will! A roof is one of the most important aspects of any home, not only structurally but due to its looks. A tired and worn looking roof is not going to be very appealing to potential buyers as it can make your whole house look old. A fresh new roof on the other hand, will uplift the look of your entire house. This can add to the value of your home, immensely. Along with this, if your roof is in tip top shape you are not going to have to worry about leaks or the likes.

Q: Is your work guaranteed?

Yes i is. We have a 10 year guarantee on all of our work. All of our staff are highly qualified and always make sure the job is done to the highest of standards.



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